“I write to you in recognition of this phenomenal program, CareerNext. Even in the midst of a pandemic, with no in-person contact, your incredible staff have found a way to engage with, encourage, and inspire my daughter to develop confidence and obtain pride in the work that she is putting into classes that have far surpassed my hopes for her first college semester. She was able to make the presidents list her first college semester! It is not, however, her academic achievement that is most amazing or most important to recognize. Your staff has been able to help her move beyond her frustrations and actually do the hard work involved in conquering tasks. As proof of this, before the second semester started, she is independently looking ahead to see what the work will look like, she identified one task that she found really intimidating. She INITIATED work on this task. She is developing ease with learning how to learn and developing the skill set needed to achieve anything in life. Even if she knows it will be difficult, she is learning how to identify what that first step is, and is conquering her fear of failure and starts taking that first step. She has been supported in a way that she now believes in her own ability to tackle hard things. They have been able to break down the steps in a manner that is achievable and non-intimidating. I have been thrilled at the warm and caring nature of the interactions she has with her mentor and amazed at their ability to challenge her to new levels of self-awareness and achievement. What they do in laying the groundwork for a successful and happy life is so very appreciated. Thank you and your staff for all they do each day.”

A very happy parent of freshman student, Fall 2020